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Ingeniero Químico Formulador

Empresa Fabricante de Productos Químicos para la Industria ubicada en Lima -Perú requiere un Ingeniero Quìmico formulador especialista en Solventes, Anticorrosivos, Desengrasantes, etc...

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Jorge Peña (no verificado)

In order to offer my expertise for taking care of the Latin-American market, It is my interest, given my academic profile and my work experience to join an activity in which I can develop a technical and customer service around the region, either as freelance agent or being part of any organization. The main goal is to work together and make a win-to-win business relationship.
As chemical engineer and having worked for many years in the field of sales, I have developed a great experience in dealing with customers at all levels, from large organizations such as the Bavaria-SABMiller Group and The Polar Group in Colombia and Venezuela respectively; as well as small and medium size enterprises.
My expertise is based on complete personal attention to each client, the tracking and the follow-up of products and their performance in the factory, development of new products, Search and development of new potential markets, logistic and coordination of trials in plant, inventory controls of products at customers, budgets and consumption estimates etc. My travel availability is 100 %. The above can be applied to any marketable product and any organization.

Best Regards

Jorge Peña